Who we are

We take great pleasure in introducing Cleanall Services. This proudly 100% citizen owned company is registered in Botswana under Trans Africa Imports and Exports (Pty) Ltd and has been trading as CLEANALL SERVICES since 1999. The Directors are H Williams (SA), AS Williams (UK) and Kelebogile Chipo (MOTS)

The company currently employs over 600 Batswana staff who receive ongoing training on our cleaning systems and education on the importance of hygiene and safety. All chemicals used by Cleanall Services are of the highest standards.

Cleanall Services currently provides contractual cleaning services for over 170 different contracts throughout Botswana and a Hygiene and Waste Management service for most of them and an additional 145 contracts. Our commitment to service excellence is unparalleled within the field of contractual and non-contractual cleaning services as we believe in attention to detail, regular management inspections and an open relationship with the client, which is all of vital importance.

In the face of severe competition Cleanall strives to remain ahead of the market by constantly upgrading equipment and continuous ongoing staff communication and development. The emphasis on advanced cleaning systems and management involvement at customer level is apparent in the extremely high standards of cleanliness achieved. Our expertise in respect of hygiene and cleanliness together with customer satisfaction skills comes from over 15 years of experience in this field.

Whilst considering the financial aspects of the current market conditions it is of vital importance for businesses to concentrate on their core business and not that of allied services that can be performed by professionals within that industry. Outsourcing of cleaning services to Cleanall Services ensures that the job is done professionally and correctly using the right equipment, chemicals and consumables with minimal disruption and interference to our clients’ working day thereby saving them time and money.

The extensive experience of the management at Cleanall Services in the cleaning industry and customer care and our policy of open communication ensure a professional level of client satisfaction every time.

Cleanall Goals & Values
  1. To be the best cleaning company in Botswana by providing the most professional, effective and high quality services to our clients.

  2. To always work, think and act as a team.

  3. To listen to the needs of our clients and each other and always be open to communication.

Our philosophy
Our knowledge and experience teamed with our drive to build a reputation as a high quality company is the foundation of our philosophy to provide a professional, consistent and comprehensive out sourced cleaning solution to our valued clients.
Job Applications
If you have experience or the drive to be successful, Cleanall is the place for you. We welcome hard work and innovative ideas and reward you for keeping us ahead of the competitive curve.
Contact: hr@cleanall.co.bw
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