Services & products

Daily Contract Cleaning

We provide our general business cleaning services for office blocks, banks, financial institutions and we also clean any industrial facility or property.

Window Cleaning

Our water-friendly hi-pole window washing equipment and high access platforms make cleaning your windows quick, easy and economical both financially and in resources. Our highly trained teams can clean your windows no matter how many floors your building has or where your windows are located.

Medical Waste management

To protect the public and the environment from potentially infectious disease causing agents we provide services of collection and the government approved disposal of medical waste. From SHE bins to sharps bins, our trained and fully licensed staff are regular, prompt and professional.

Hygiene & Washroom Consumables

We provide, supply and service washroom hygiene dispensers and consumables. Our rental services and high quality soaps and paper products give you peace of mind that your staff and customers are safe and catered for in the washroom environment and the spread of germs in your office will be kept to a minimum.

Carpet Cleaning And Maintenance

We offer carpet cleaning services either as a once-off or as a part of a contract that, with regular and effective carpet maintenance, helps preserve and extend the life of your carpets and improves their appearance. With our new semi-dry system we use less water, the new technology chemicals clean better and ensure carpets stay cleaner for longer, can be walked on immediately and are fully dry in under an hour.

Pre & Post Occupational Cleans

Our ‘full-house’ cleans are ideal for new buildings or a new premises and we have the manpower and resources to set or lift the standards of cleanliness and hygiene at your site to a level that is safe and pleasant and reflects the stature of your business and brand.
Our experience

Cleanall Services currently provides contractual cleaning services for over 170 different contracts throughout Botswana and a Hygiene and Waste Management service for most of them and an additional 145 contracts.

Our expertise in respect of hygiene and cleanliness together with customer satisfaction skills comes from over 15 years of experience in this field.

More Than 15 years of Hygiene and Cleaning services