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Many of our customers have specific questions about our professional services. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we hear at Cleanall Services.
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General Questions

Simply click on ‘get a quote’ at the bottom of any page or contact us at, call us on 3912557 or visit our offices and we’ll happily help.
For most jobs, the information we need to enable us to give you a competitive quote can be relayed over the phone or by email, For large jobs or contract work we do prefer to visit as we tailor our services to your exact needs which makes our quotes more accurate ‘estimates’ than ‘guesstimates’.

Facilities management can be split into two broad areas. Hard and Soft Services.

HARD SERVICES are physically integrated into the building. They can’t be removed and are vital to the workplace environment. They directly or indirectly impact every person in the building on some level. Some examples include:
- Heating
- Lighting/electrical
- Plumbing
- Fire safety systems
- Air conditioning
- Mechanical

SOFT SERVICES aren’t integrated into the building however they directly benefit employees who interact with them. They’re not essential—instead, they’re meant to make the workplace more comfortable, enjoyable, or secure alleviating stress and increasing productivity. Some examples include:
- Building security
- Cleaning
- Hygiene Services
- Landscaping
- Office decorating
- Catering
Please get in touch with us right away and we’ll make arrangements to rectify the situation. We have a satisfaction guarantee that we stand by.
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Scheduling Questions

We don’t guarantee same-day bookings so please try and book in advance and once booked, we will be there on time, every time. Emergency call-outs for accidents like floods are different. We will get there as soon as possible to assist.
It’s completely up to you. If you’re not going to be home, there needs to be someone there to allow us access and check the work once done. We will be in touch with the person who booked the job if they were not there in person to sign it off to ensure they are satisfied.
You are not charged until after the cleaning has been completed. With some jobs, minor issues may only appear after an area or object has dried fully so we would expect a customer to let us know when we do a follow up and once fully satisfied payment will then be due.
Our staff have employment rights as laid down by the Ministry of Labour so we request a one month notice period should you ever need to end a contract for any reason. Our memorandum of agreement states these terms very clearly and this will be discussed and signed by both parties before the contract begins so everything is clear. This notice period may vary upwards according to client wishes.
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Cleaning Questions

We can clean anything you want. Please make sure when applying for a quote online or by email that you are clear on what you would like us to attend to and when we send the quotation, that everything you needed to be cleaned is listed. We are always happy to add things as we go with the understanding that there may be additional costs incurred.
It’s up to you. Part of outsourcing your cleaning solution is to let it all go and rely on our experience and expertise to supply our staff with the most suitable cleaning materials possible. We test everything we use thoroughly and use only the most effective, safe and environmentally friendly products which, as we use them across our entire business, are cost effective thus giving you quality at excellent prices. Again, by leaving the monthly cleaning supplies to our discretion, our staff will never run out and you will never waste time or money shopping again. Our equipment, like mops, buckets and vacuums are of professional quality and are supplied new for every contract. We maintain, service and replace as necessary to ensure continuous service at all times.
We offer a wide range of services either in combination with our cleaning or separately and can tailor our cleaning solutions to your exact needs and budget. Our services are listed in more detail on the SERVICES tab above or in the quick links below

For once off jobs our teams comprise at least 2 cleaners who are supervised. For bigger jobs we send more depending on the size of the job and the time line we need to complete it.

For contract work the numbers will depend on the scope of work and the area requiring our services. For larger numbers of cleaners we include supervision in the form of Team Leaders, Supervisors or even Site Managers depending on number of staff that need managing.

Our contracts are all supported from off-site by Area Managers who are our client liaisons, supervisors and mentors and are also responsible for maintaining stock levels and ensuring compliance and that our standards of cleaning are met.
CleanAll Services is an equal opportunities employer so although anyone is welcome to come and join us, should a client require police clearance, we are happy to oblige and will ensure that all staff are fully cleared before they are introduced on site. Should further security clearance or registration be required we are happy to comply.

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