Moving In or Out?

Here’s the thing about moving, it’s a mixture of emotions to say the least. It is excitement, anxiety and stressful, all in one.

The excitement is the thought of going to live or work in a different place, one that suits your needs more, whether it be into your own premises, (there couldn’t be a prouder moment than owning your first property, right?) or moving into a space that’s more cost effective or has more room. For whatever the reason, it’s exciting!

Then comes the anxiety, as the date to move draws closer, plans start developing, the hiring of transport, ensuring you have sufficient help to pack and load and unpack. The repairs of where you currently are or where you are moving to? Will it all fall into place as anticipated within the set time frame? If not, what contingencies can be made?

Then, comes the stress, people not honouring their commitments, budgets not stretching far enough, landlord’s nit picking at minor details to retain deposits, and, and, and… phew! I’m getting worked up just thinking about it.

Amongst all the chaos, cleaning is the least of anyone’s concern until its moving day. This then becomes a rushed process and not done thoroughly, and this is where Cleanall Services steps in, re-assuring, right? When the planning to move starts, all you need do is pick up the phone or send us an email, set the date and time for us to come through and give either your old or new place a proper deep clean and voila, that’s one less thing you have to worry about. This relieves you of the chore, gives you more time to focus on other things and provides peace of mind, knowing that you have left your previous space spick and span for inspection and for the next occupant and if you are a germaphobe like me, that your new space is sparkling clean for you to settle in nicely.


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